Canal bridge


Project name Team
The "High Street" Project Lois Gladdish, Dave Gladdish,
Peter Mothersole

HWU3A Retail Premises Project Geoff Woods, John Hammond,
Rosemary Holden, Alastair and Christine Willis,
Linda Lawton, Gill Langrick
An Oral History Project Lois Gladdish, Dave Gladdish,
Peter Mothersole, Len Holden

The History of "48 High Street" John Hammond

Working at "Mawer and Saunders" John Pendered

WW1 - Men of Mkt Harborough Patricia Perkins, John Standish,
Peter Mothersole

Architectural features and brief history
of some Mkt Harborough buildings
Dave Gladdish, Lois Gladdish,
Peter Mothersole

Historical stories Various authors