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Below you will see a summary of how Market Harborough High Street properties were used. We are continually adding to this information. If you can help fill the gaps regarding how a property was used, please email the website. The email address is on the Contact page.

No. on High Street Business Name Occupant trade or address use Name Decade
1   Ann Astell1790s
1  Farmer; Dressmaker James and Mary Kidman 1850s
1  Auctioneer; Wine Spirit merchant Henry Foster1850s
1  Wine Merchant; Spirit merchant James Flint1860s
1  Veterinary Surgeon John Wiggins1860s-1880s
1  Butcher Fred Dexter1890s
1 Freeman Hardy & Willis Footwear  1890s-1980s
1 British Heart Foundation Charity Shop  1990s-2010s
2  Butcher Edward Dexter1810s - 1830s
2  Butcher William Dexter1830s
2  Butcher John Northern1840s
2  Empty  1850s
2  Butcher; Baker John Northern1850s-1860s
2  Chemist; Druggist Joel Scott1860s-1870s
2  Chemist; Druggist Joseph J. Harrison1870s
2 Edwin Green & Co. Druggist  1870s-1880s
2  Druggist Charlotte Green1880s-1890s
2  Chemist Albert Hardstaft Nash1890s-1920s
2 M.H. Co-operative Society Chemist  1920s
2 M.H. Co-operative Society Chemist; Confectioner  1920s
2 M.H. Co-operative Society Confectioner; Footwear  1930s
2 Leicestershire Co-operative Society Superstore  1980s
2 Mountain Warehouse Outdoor clothing and equipment  2010s
2 Blockbuster Video Video hire shop  2010s
3 White Hart  Public House; Baker; Constable; Overseer of the poor; Churchwarden Richard Cooper1790s
3 White Hart  Public House; Chemist J. S. Higgs1850s
3  Baker Richard Cooper1850s
3  Druggist John Seagrave Higgs1850s-1860s
3  Druggist Joel Scott1860s
3  Eating House Keeper Charlotte Hughes1860s-1870s
3  Shopkeeper Charles Hughes1870s
3  Confectioner Thomas Kebble1870s
3  Confectioner Thomas Henry Whitehead1870s-1880s
3  Confectioner; Restaurant George William Howe1900s
3 M.H. Co-operative Society Drapery; Footwear  1900s-1930s
3 Leicestershire Co-operative Society Superstore  1960s-1980s
3a Burtons Men's clothes shop  1990s-2010s
3 Dorothy Perkins Ladies dress shop  1990s-2010s
4  Butcher Matthew Chater1810s
4  School Miss Jones1810s-1820s
4  Grocer J. G. Franklin1820s
4 Joseph Nunneley & Co. Grocer  1840s
4 Nunneley & Aggas Grocer  Nunneley & Aggas1850s
4 Nunneley & Ashton Grocer, Wine Merchant  1860s-1870s
4 John A Nunneley & Co.  Grocer; Wine Merchant  1880s-1890s
4 M.H. Co-operative Society Grocer  1890s
4 M.H. Co-operative Society Grocer; Drapery  1890s
4 Leicestershire Co-operative Society Superstore  1980s
4 Alliance and Leicester Building Society Bank 1990s
4 Santander Bank  2010s
5   William Birch1830s
5   John Higgs1850s
5  Butcher; Baker John Northern1850s
5  Photographer J. P. Jennings1860s
5  Tailor  Healey1860s
5  Empty  1860s
5  Photographer (Mrs.) J. Jennings1870s
5  Photographer; Fancy goods; China & glass dealer; Fancy repository Susan Jennings1870s-1910s
5  Photographer F. W. Broadhead1880s
5 Speight Rented photographic studio. The photographers all occupied a photographic studio on the first floor of the building.  Gulliver Speight1880s-1890s
5  Joiner; Carpenter James Jennings1890s
5  Photographer F. W. Broadhead1890s
5 W J S Jennings Toys; Fancy goods William John Smith Jennings1910s
5  Glass; China Charles Williams1920s-1940s
5 Curry's Ltd. Electrical goods  1950s-1980s
5 Oxfam Charity Shop  1990s-2010s
6  Brazier William Burch1790s
6 Symington Clothier; Hatter James Symington1840s-1860s
6 J Symington & Sons Auctioneer; Stay manufactury  1860s
6 Tyler Draper Alfred Tyler1870s
6 Doran Dressmaker Mary Doran1870s-1890s
6 Plowmans & Son Nurserymen  1900s-1970s
6 Stead & Simpson Footwear  1980s
6 Clinton Cards Card shop  2010s
7  Brazier William Burch1790s
7  Brazier John Burch1840s
7 Symington James  Hatter; Clothier James Symington1840s-1860s
7 James Symington & Sons Auctioneer; Stay manufactury  1860s
7  Draper Alfred Tyler1870s
7 Emmanuel Plowman & Son Nurserymen; Greengrocer; Fruiterer  1870s-1970s
7a Empire Meat Co Butcher  1920s-1930s
7a Crockatts Dyers; Cleaners  1950s
7a  Empty  1970s
7 Stead & Simpson Footwear  1980s
7a Whitemore Products Fancy goods  1980s
7 Clinton Cards Card shop  2010s
8  Grocer; Chandler Benjamin Sutton1790s-1820s
8  Chemist Henry Meadows1830s-1840s
8  Gunsmith Joseph Jackson1830s-1850s
8  Auctioneer Henry Foster1850s
8  Cooper; Cabinet maker; Upholsterer William Buswell1850s-1880s
8  Upholsterer; Cabinet maker Thomas Buswell1880s-1900s
8  Upholsterer Haddon Buswell1900s
8  Upholsterer W. H. Buswell1900s-1910s
8 Andrews & Buswell Furnishers  1910s
8a Lipton Ltd. Grocer  1920s-1950s
8a Anglia Building Society Building Society Office  1960s-1980s
8a Whitemore China; Giftware  1990s
8a Oxfam Charity Shop  2010s
8 Nationwide Building Society  2010s
9 The Talbot Public House; Excise officer John Hunt1790s
9 The Talbot Public House Mary White1850s
9 The Talbot Public House Robert White1850s-1870s
9 The Talbot Public House James Woodward1870s
9 The Talbot Public House Walter Colbun1870s
9 The Talbot Public House William Southorn1870s
9 The Talbot Public House Joseph Neath1870s-1880s
9 The Talbot Public House William Pollard1880s
9 The Talbot Public House Mary Ann Pollard1890s-1900s
9 The Talbot Public House M. J. Palmer1910s
9 The Talbot Public House G. W. Justice1920s
9 The Talbot Public House Wm Warwick1930s
9 The Talbot Public House Ernest J. Sparrow1930s
9 The Talbot Public House Jack Coleman1950s
9 Wildwood Restaurant  2010s
10  Draper; Auctioneer; Commissioner Rowland Rouse1790s
10   John Berridge1800s
10   Sam Stanton1800s
10  Draper T Cox1810s-1840s
10  Corn dealer; Flour dealer George Green1850s
10  Corn merchant; Flour merchant Henry Church1860s-1870s
10 Henry Church & Son Corn merchant; Cake merchant  1880s-1900s
10 Bosworth & Woodruffe Corn merchant  1890s-1910s
10 Woodruffe & Co. Ltd. Corn merchant  1920s
10 Church & Son Corn merchant  1920s-1930s
10  Corn merchant; Flour merchant  1940s-1950s
10 East Midland Gas Board Gas  1970s-1980s
10 Christians Shoes Shoe shop 1990s
10 Monsoon Clothes shop  2010s
11  Factor and dealer in tammies; Church warden Richard Howe1790s
11  Saddler Thomas Cooke1790s-1810s
11  Saddler Mary Cooke1820s-1840s
11  Saddler Henry Dwyer1840s-1850s
11  Hairdresser John Clifford1850s-1860s
11  Saddler Elizabeth Dwyer1860s
11  Fancy goods Elizabeth Dwyer1860s
11  Grocer Timothy White1860s-1870s
11  Grocer Edward Thomas Garner1870s-1880s
11 Clarke & Son Saddler; Harness maker Isaac Clarke1870s-1900s
11  Servants register; Hosier (Mrs.) Gee1880s
11  Confectioner Herbert West1900s
11  Baker; Confectioner Herbert West1910s-1940s
11 International Stores Supermarket  1950s
11 Wests Cafe  1950s
11 Johnsons Dry cleaning  1970s
11 Harris Dry cleaning  1980s
11 M&Co. Clothes shop  2010s
12  Ironmonger; Overseer of the poor; Church warden Edward Morris1790s
12 Vine Inn Inn William Palmer1800s
12 Vine Inn Inn Thomas Jones1800s-1810s
12 Vine Inn Inn George Holloway1810s
12 Vine Inn Inn Rebecca Holloway1810s-1820s
12 Vine Inn Inn John Newnham1820s-1830s
12 Vine Inn Inn Thomas Woth1830s
12 Vine Inn Inn John Atkins1840s
12 Vine Inn Inn Joseph Collins1840s
12  Corn dealer George Wood1850s
12  Gun maker Joseph Jackson1860s
12  Gun maker George Jackson1860s-1870s
12  Ironmonger; Gunsmith Jacob Eaton1870s-1880s
12  Watchmaker; Clockmaker John Whitehead1880s
12  Watchmaker; Jeweller John Whitehead1880s-1900s
12  Watchmaker; Jeweller George F. Allen 1900s-1910s
12  Boot & Shoe warehouse Edward Foster1910s-1930s
12 International Tea Co. Stores Grocer  1930s-1970s
12 McKays Clothes shop  1980s
12 M&Co Clothes shop  2010s
13 The Hind Inn Inn; Constable John Waterfield1790s
13   Elizabeth Waterfield1800s-1810s
13   Thomas Waterfield1810s-1820s
13   Mark Sheppard1830s
13   Diane Sheppard1840s
13   Jesse Mitchell1840s
13   Nathaniel Eames1840s
13 The Hind Inn Inn Nathaniel Eames1850s-1860s
13 The Hind Inn Inn Robert Eames1860s-1870s
13 The Hind Inn Inn Sarah (Mrs.) Eames1880s
13 The Hind Inn Inn Wallace George Cain1890s
13 The Hind Inn Inn (Miss) Eames1890s
13 The Hind Inn Inn W. G. Hill1900s-1910s
13 The Hind Inn Inn J. Packe1920s-1930s
13 The Hind Inn Inn T. Inwood1950s
13  Electrical goods R. D. Jeacock1960s
13 Preedy's Newsagent  1980s
13 W. H. Smith Stationer  2010s
14 The Saracen's Head Public House William Jimson1790s
14 Harborough Bank Bank 1790s-1840s
14 Leicester Bank Co. Bank  1850s-1900s
14  Tailor James Barnsley1900s-1910s
14  Butcher Henry Pickering1920s
14 Pickering  Butcher Herbert Halford Pickering 1930s-1950s
14a Berry & Co.   1950s-1990s
14a Weston's Chemist  1970s
14a Mistry Chemist  1980s-2010s
15   John Hands1790s-1800s
15  Draper John Driver1800s-1830s
15  Linen and woollen draper B & W Jackson1830s-1840s
15  Draper Thomas Hubbard1850s-1870s
15 Ellson & Roddis Draper  1870s
15  Draper George Roddis1870s
15  Draper; Costumier Charles Massie1870s-1880s
15  Post Office Emily Kebble1880s-1900s
15  Post Office T. W. Smith1900s
15 London & City Bank Bank  1900s
15 Midland Bank Ltd. Bank  1930s-1980s
15 HSBC Bank  2010s
16 The George  Public House Thomasin Ashton1790s
16 The George  Public House Henry Meadows1850s
16 The George  Public House Joseph Collins1850s-1870s
16 The George  Public House John West1860s
16 The George  Public House Emma Blackwell1870s
16 The George  Public House Joseph Collins1870s
16  Gun maker; Cutler; General Ironmonger Job Eaton1880s
16   William Price1880s
16 Job Eaton & Co. Cutlers; Ironmonger; Gun maker  1890s
16 Eaton & Co. General furnishing; General Ironmonger; Agricultural implement agents; Gasfitter; Bell hangers; Cutl  1900s-1930s
16a Maypole Dairy Co. Grocer  1940s-1950s
16 J. H. Dewhurst Ltd. Butcher  1950s-1980s
16a D. E. R. TV rental  1960s-1980s
16a  Mobile phones  1990s
16 Phoneline Phone shop  2010s
16a Top Wok Takeaway food  2010s
17  Gentleman; Overseer of highways; Church warden; Feoffee John Hands1790s
17  Flaxdresser; Constable; Church warden; Overseer of the poor Tobias Green1790s-1810s
17   William Burton1830s
17  Landed proprietor Robert Hind1830s-1860s
17  Widow (Mrs.) Hind1860s
17  Retired ironmonger George Clark1870s-1880s
17  Widow Emma (Mrs.) Clark1890s-1900s
17 Boots Ltd. Chemist  1900s-1980s
17 Peacocks Clothing  2010s
18  Draper William Andrews1790s-1800s
18 Austin and Allen Grocer 1800s
18   James Goddard1800s
18  Foreign Fruit Warehouse  Goward1810s
18 Austin and Sharman Grocer 1810s-1820s
18  Grocers Joseph Sharman1830s
18  Tea dealer; Grocer; Foreign Fruit Warehouse; Post Master; Agent to Phoenix Five Insurance and Pelican Life Offices; Pickford Grocer;  Thomas Goodwin Goward1830s-1850s
18  Grocer; Tea dealer; Agent to Phoenix and Pelican Thomas Goodwin Jun. Goward1860s
18  Italian Warehouse Thomas Goodwin Goward1870s
18  Grocer; Agent for W and A Gilbey and Phoenix Fire Office Thomas Goodwin Goward1870s
18  Grocer; Provision dealer; Agent for W A Gilby Wine and Spirit Merchants Thomas Goodwin Goward1880s-1900s
18  Grocer C. Goward1900s-1910s
18  Watchmaker George F. Allen 1910s-1920s
18  Jeweller Frederick William Allen 1930s
18  Watchmaker Fred William Allen 1940s
18 M. Burton Ltd. Supermarket  1950s
18 Premier Supermarkets Supermarket  1960s
18  Empty  1960s
18 McFisheries Supermarket  1970s
18 The Sugar Loaf  Public House  2010s
18 Gateway Supermarket  ?
19  Draper; Factor and Manufacturer; Overseer of the poor John Andrews1790s
19  Ironmonger Thomas Inkersole1790s
19  Ironmonger James Goddard1790s-1830s
19  Ironmonger Charles Goddard1840s
19  Ironmonger Septimus Devey1840s-1860s
19  Ironmonger C. Dunmore1860s
19  Carriage builder; Cycle agent Wm Henry Stevens1860s-1890s
19  Chemist; Druggist D. W. Byers1870s
19  Tailor; Draper Joseph Healey1870s-1890s
19 Healey & Barnsley Tailor  1890s
19  Ladies tailor; Gents tailor; Hosier James Barnsley1890s-1900s
19  Motor engineer; Coachbuilder  W. H. Stevens1900s-1920s
19 F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd. Bazaar  1920s-1970s
19 Thrifty Clothing  1980s
19 Savers Toiletries  2010s
20  Draper John Atkins1790s-1800s
20   William Atkins1800s
20   James Goddard1810s
20   William Goddard1840s
20  Widow Elizabeth Goddard1850s
20 Stamford Spalding & Boston Banking Company Bank  1860s
20 Stamford Spalding & Boston Banking Company Bank John Waite1860s-1870s
20 Stamford Spalding & Boston Banking Company Bank William Atkins1870s-1900s
20 Stamford Spalding & Boston Banking Company Bank Frederick Warwick Waite1900s-1910s
20 Barclays Bank Ltd. Bank  1910s-2010s
21 Three Swans  Public House Deborah Benton1790s
21 Three Swans  Public House William Carr1860s
21 Three Swans  Public House J. Blackstock1860s
21 Three Swans  Public House Thomas Armstrong1870s
21 Three Swans  Public House Emma Roberts1870s
21 Three Swans  Public House William Roberts1870s
21 Three Swans  Public House William Bowles1880s-1890s
21 Three Swans  Public House R. Marriott1890s-1910s
21 Three Swans  Public House G. Booth1920s
21 Three Swans  Public House John Fothergill1930s
21 Three Swans  Public House V. (Mrs.) Stratton1950s
21 Three Swans  Public House  1960s
21 Three Swans  Public House  1980s-2010s
22   John Martin1790s-1800s
22  Builder David Burditt1800s-1840s
22  Hairdresser John West1850s
22  Butcher John Burditt1850s-1860s
22  Saddler John Leslie1860s-1870s
22  Harness maker Fred Smith1870s-1880s
22  Fruiterer John Samuel Clarke1890s-1900s
22  Coal merchant John Samuel Clarke1900s
22  Florist J. Brookes1900s-1910s
22  Fruiterer Ralph Norbury1920s
22 Ralph Norbury & Son Nurseryman  1930s-1970s
22  Wine bar  1980s
22 Flames Grill Takeaway food  2010s
23   Thomas Goodwin1790s-1800s
23   Thomas Burton1800s-1810s
23 Northants Banking Co. Bank 1830s
23   Mrs Goward1830s
23  Confectioner Edward Edgley1840s
23  Confectioner Mary Edgeley1850s
23  Hairdresser John West1850s-1900s
23  Hairdresser Edward West1900s-1910s
23 J. Brookes & Son Fruiterer James Brookes1920s
23 James Brooks & Son Nurseryman  1930s
23 W. J. Brooks & Son Fruiterer  1940s-1950s
23  Fruiterer  1960s
23 The Card Shop Card shop  1980s-1990s
23 Bargain Booze/ Isis Hair Design Wine merchant; Spirit merchant; Hairdresser  2010s
24  Hosier John Berry1790s-1820s
24  Draper Henry Harris 1830s-1850s
24  Milliner; Fancy goods Thomas William Moxon1870s
24  Milliner; Fancy goods Ann Goward1870s
24   William Henry Simpkin1880s
24  Commission agent; Milliner; Fancy goods John & (Mrs.) J. Goward1880s
24  Ladies outfitter Charlotte Ann (Mrs.) Simpkin1880s-1890s
24  Cycle showroom W. H. Stevens1890s
24  Grocer Henry Walker1900s
24  Fancy goods (Mrs.) Ridley1900s
24  Fancy goods Annie (Miss) Ridley1900s-1920s
24  Fancy goods; Confectioner Mary (Miss) Ridley1930s
24  Confectioner  1940s
24   C. (Miss) Ridley1950s
24  Empty  1960s
24 Ensemble Milliner  1980s
24 County Crafts Gift ware  2010s
25   Richard Burton1790s-1820s
25 Premises empty Empty 1830s
25  Bootmaker John Sulley1830s
25  Boot maker John Sulley1830s-1870s
25  Whitesmith; Plumber William Ridley1880s-1910s
25  Plumber William Ridley1920s-1930s
25 Suzanese Workshops  1950s
25 National Westminster Bank Bank  1960s-1970s
25 Premises empty Empty  1980s
25 Casual Affairs Sports and leisure wear 1980s
25 Modelcraft Model shop  1980s
25 County Crafts Gift ware  2010s
26   Mrs Parry1790s-1800s
26  Confectioner William Bunning1850s
26  Confectioner Ellen Bunning1860s-1880s
26  Whitesmith; Gas fitter J. Ridley1870s-1900s
26  Milliner; Dressmaker A. & H. Ridley1890s
26  Milliner Ann Ridley1900s
27 Queens Head Inn Inn Elizabeth Oswin1790s
27 Coach & Horses  Public House Thomas Worley1850s-1860s
27 Coach & Horses  Public House Sampson Machin1870s
27 Coach & Horses  Public House John Baum1870s-1880s
27 Coach & Horses  Public House Emma (Mrs.) Machin1880s
27 Coach & Horses  Public House Charles Dilcock1890s-1900s
28   Henry Coleman1790s-1810s
28   Mrs Coleman1810s
28   Rev Britten1810s
28   John Abbey1820s-1840s
28   Dr. F. Wright1840s
28  Surgeon John Ody1840s-1850s
28  School (Miss) Elizabeth Bird1890s
28 Coales & Johnson Architect; Surveyor 1890s
28 Assembly Rooms  1900s
28 J. Toller Eady  Auctioneer  1950s
28 Golden Wonder & Co. Offices  1970s-1990s
28 East Ladies clothes shop  2010s
28a Phase Eight Ladies clothes shop  2010s
29   George Wartnaby1790s-1830s
29  Landed proprietor Ann Wartnaby1840s-1860s
29  Landed proprietor  Cavendish1860s
29  Farmer B. S. Pulver1860s-1870s
29  Solicitor's house William Wartnaby1880s
29  Tailor; Woollen Draper; Hatter George Donnington Remington1890s
29 William Richards & Sons Ladies tailors; Habit makers  1890s-1900s
29 William Richards & Sons Tailors  1910s-1930s
29 A. Richards & Son Tailor  1930s-1960s
29 Golden Wonder & Co. Head quarters  1970s-1990s
29 Browns Hairdresser  2010s
30  Steward of the manor William Wartnaby1770s
30   Sam Lenton1790s
30  Saddler; Overseer of the poor; Constable Thomas Blount1790s-1810s
30 Pares and Paget Bank  1810s
30   Richard Allen1820s
30  Milliner Rebecca Whiteman1830s
30   Barwell Ewins Bennet1840s
30 Bennett Barwell Ewins Solicitor   1850s-1870s
30  Retired surgeon Robert Heygate1860s
30  Solicitor George Nicholson1880s-1890s
30  Ladies outfitter Charlotte Ann Simpkin1890s-1900s
30 Simpkin & Son Dress makers etc;   1900s-1930s
30  Ladies outfitter E. (Miss) Thorpe1930s-1940s
30 Barrett & Sons Electrical engineers  1950s
30  House furnisher C. R. Smith1950s-1960s
30 Unique Interiors   1980s
30 Anne Karin Interiors Interior designer  2010s
30 In Heaven at Home Home accessories and gifts 2010s
31 Computer Solutions Computer sales and support 
31  Watchmaker; Silversmith Samuel Abraham1790s-1800s
31  Draper John Harris1830s
31  Draper George Henry Coleman1840s-1860s
31 Holloway Son & Roberts Auctioneer  1860s
31 Holloway & Son Auctioneer; Estate agent; Valuer; Wine merchants; Spirit merchants  1860s-1870s
31 Holloway Son & Price Auctioneer; Land estate agent; Valuer  1870s-1900s
31  Milliner Emily (Miss) Simpkin1890s-1920s
31  Furnisher G. S. Gabriel1920s
31 Kettering U. D. C. Electricity showrooms  1930s
31 Barrett & Sons Electrical engineers  1930s-1950s
31 First Choice Fancy goods  1970s
31 Unique Interiors   1980s
31 The Ickle Wardrobe Clothes for children  2010s
31 Esse Clothes shop  2010s
32   William Burditt1790s-1810s
32   Isaac Clarke1830s
32  Grocer William Patnell1840s-1850s
32  Grocer Phillip Mutton1860s-1870s
32  Grocer William Pettifer1880s
32  Boot maker William S. Cost1880s-1890s
32  Watchmaker J. S. Burman1900s
32  Fancy repository I. & A. (Misses) Pegg1900s
32  Watchmaker; Jeweller Percy Pike1910s
32  Confectioner Frances (Miss) Gilbert1920s
32  Confectioner Fredrick Robert Dent1930s-1950s
32 Josiahs Menswear  2010s
33   Thomas Nixon1790s-1800s
33   John Hill1810s
33  Saddler Isaac Clark1840s-1870s
33  Draper Elizabeth Dimblebee1850s
33a  Saddler Isaac Clark1850s-1870s
33  Printer; Stationer A. E. Wilkinson 1870s-1880s
33 Singer Manufacturing Co. Sewing machines  1890s
33 Pure Dairy Supply Co. Dairy  1890s-1960s
33 Clarke & Clarke Estate agent  1970s
33 Clarke's Estate agent; Incorporated valuer; Auctioneer; Property agent  1970s-2010s
33a  Empty  1980s
33a Sheltons Barber Shop Barbers  2010s
34   William Austin1800s
34   John Abbey1810s
34  Plumber; Glazier John Sulley1850s
34  Vet John Wiggins1860s
34  Vet Sam Banks1860s
34  Registrar of births marriages & deaths; Tax collector; Insurance agent Thomas Hall1870s-1890s
34  Painter John Hill1880s-1890s
34  Boot maker Joseph Dickens1900s
34  Boot maker Fred Lewis1900s
34  Fancy goods F. Gilbert1910s
34   A. W. Jelley1930s
34   E. F. Watts1950s
34 Clarke's Estate agent  1980s-2010s
34 No. 34 Boutique Clothes shop 2010s
35 Mansfield and Co. Bank Bank 1810s
35  Bank 1810s
35  Retired shoemaker George Munden1830s-1860s
35  Bookseller George Munden1860s
35  Bookseller (Mrs.) Munden1860s
35  Architect; Estate agent E. T. Mercer1870s
35  Tailor Samuel Maycock1870s
35  Agent Prudential Geo. Grant1890s
35  Tailor John Downs1890s
35   George Gilbert1900s-1910s
35  Surgery Dr. Crisp1900s-1910s
35   J. W. Driver1930s
35 The Black Cat Cafe (Mrs.) Oswin1930s
35  Antiques T. Finney1950s-1960s
35 Quinns Bookshop  1980s
35 Ascoughs Bistro Restaurant  2010s
36   P Johnson1800s
36   Anna Simms1800s-1810s
36 Mansfield & Co. Bank Bank 1810s
36  Shop William Flint1830s
36  House  William Flint1830s
36  House William Flint1830s-1850s
36  Wine merchant Ann Flint1850s
36  Wine merchant Edward & James Flint1850s-1900s
36  Wine merchant William Flint1900s-1920s
36 Coales & Green Architect  1930s
36 Royal Insurance Co. Insurance  1950s-1970s
36 Power Thompson & Co. Accountants Antony & Christopher Power & Thompson1980s
36  formerly Estate Agent now empty  2010s
36 Fine & Country Estate Agents  2010s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House John Munton1790s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House James Flint1830s-1850s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House James & Edward Flint1850s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House (Mrs.) William Roberts1860s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House Letitia Lord1860s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House William Roberts1860s-1870s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House Francis Gough1870s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House William Franklin1870s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House George Limbird1870s-1900s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House Walter Whitlock1900s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House Fred Hart1910s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House Robert Stead1920s-1930s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House C. O. Graham1950s
37 Angel Hotel  Public House  1980s-2010s
38  Cooper; Overseer of the poor; Constable Samuel Smith1790s-1810s
38   Mr Mitchell1810s
38   James Docker1810s-1820s
38   Mrs. Docker1830s
38  Surgeon Thomas Heygate1840s-1850s
38  Doctor John Ody1860s
38  Landed proprietor Sam Taylor1860s
38  GP; Surgeon John Kirby & John Quick Costin & Crisp1860s-1910s
38  Fancy repository Isabella & Nellie (Misses) Pegg1890s
38 Brooke House Accommodation Student accommodation  2010s
39  Stonemason William Pulford1790s-1840s
39  Agent for Fountleroy worsted spinning factory Adam & Eve Street;  John Oldacre1850s-1860s
39  Fund holder for Fountleroy Mary Oldacre1860s
39  House of wine merchant James Flint1870s-1890s
39  House of wine merchant William Flint1890s-1920s
39 E. T. Pierson & Sons Accountants  1940s-2000s
39 Fisher German Chartered surveyor  2010s
40   John Goodwin1790s
40   Thomas Inkersole1790s-1810s
40  Solicitor J. L. Douglass1830s-1890s
40  Solicitor; Clerk to Justices (Harborough East Norton divisions) J. Heger Douglass1890s-1900s
40 Douglass & Trasler Solicitor  1910s
40 Pearce Batten Collegiate School School  1910s-1950s
40 Fisher & Co.  Estate agent  1960s-1970s
40 Fisher Hoggarth Estate agent  1980s-1990s
40 Fisher German Chartered surveyor  2010s
41   W Goodwin1790s
41   John Burford1800s
41   Mrs Nethercoate1810s
41   Mr. Neathercoate1810s
41   Mrs Shuttleworth1830s
41   Lewis Saunt1830s
41   Joanna Saunt1840s
41   Thomas Barfoot Saunt1850s-1870s
41   Benjamin Wilford1880s
41  H. M. Inspector of Schools Arthur Cartwright1890s-1900s
41 Strutt & Parker Estate Agent  2010s
42  Surgeon Nathaniel Shuttleworth1790s
42   J Wright1800s
42   Penford Goodhall1810s
42  GP John Francis1840s-1870s
42 Grant and Ray   1880s
42  GP Fredrick Grant1880s
42  GP; Surgeon; Medical Officer of Health Thomas Arnold Durrant1890s-1900s
42 Scott and Thomas GP  1900s-1910s
42 Scott and Spackman GP  1920s
42  GP (Dr.) C. T. Scott1930s
42 Market Harborough RDC   1950s
42 Brooke House Accommodation Student accommodation  2010s
43 Burgess and Watson  
43    Wartnaby1820s
43   . Shuttleworth1830s
43  Solicitor William Wartnaby1840s-1850s
43 Wartnaby and Fisher Solicitor  1850s-1860s
43  Wartnaby and Gilbert Solicitor  1860s-1880s
43  Solicitor William Wartnaby1870s
43 Wartnaby Gilbert  Solicitor; Registrar; High Bailiff William Wartnaby1880s-1900s
43 Wartnaby Jefferies and Lindley Solicitor  1910s
43 Wartnaby Jefferies  Solicitor  1920s
43 Fisher Saunders & Co. Solicitor  1930s
43 Sanders & Co. Rolleston & Co. Land agents  1930s
43 Fisher & Co. Solicitor  1950s
43 Josiah Hincks and Bollough   1980s
43 Raymond James & Co. Solicitor; Investment services  2010s
44  Gentry Mary Maier1790s
44   William French Maior1790s-1800s
44  Surgeon Nathaniel Shuttleworth1800s-1820s
44  Attorney Henry Shuttleworth1830s
44  Solicitor William Wartnaby1840s-1850s
44 Wartnaby and Fisher Solicitor  1850s-1860s
44 Wartnaby and Gilbert Solicitor  1860s-1880s
44  Solicitor William Wartnaby1870s
44 Wartnaby Gilbert and Jefferies Solicitor Edwin Forbes1880s-1900s
44 Betty Brookes Dancing academy  1920s
44 Wartnaby & Co Solicitor  1920s-2010s
45  Woolstapler Sam Goward1790s
45  Gentry Ann Allen1790s
45  Builder John Platt1790s-1800s
45  Draper Rowland Rouse1800s-1820s
45  Tailor James Allen1830s-1850s
45 rear Allen's Yard Baker David Lee1850s-1870s
45  Tailor; Draper James Allen1860s-1870s
45 rear Allen's Yard Baker Thomas Swingler1880s
45  Lodging house keeper Annie (Miss) Allen1880s-1900s
45  House J. H. (Dr.) Thomas1910s
45  House E. F. Jeffries1920s
45  House Cap R. C. Fowler1930s
45 Piersons Accountant  1940s
45 Saunts Pump Ltd   1940s-1960s
45 Parkhouse & Partners Valuer; Estate agent; Surveyor  1970s
45 Parkhouse & Hill   1980s
45 Parkhouse & Co. Estate agent  1980s
45 Harrison Murray Surveyor  2010s
46 The Hatchett and Cleaver Inn Inn Hannah Dawson1790s
46 Duke of Wellington Public House J Taylor1820s
46 Duke of Wellington Public House Thomas Taylor1820s-1840s
46 Duke of Wellington Public House Robert Taylor1840s-1850s
46 Duke of Wellington  Public House; Wheelwright William Cave1850s
46  Butcher Frank Taylor1850s
46 Duke of Wellington  Public House Robert Taylor1850s
46 Duke of Wellington  Public House Thomas Hall1860s-1870s
46 Duke of Wellington  Public House Henry Hudson1870s
46  Empty  1880s
46 Leics. Regt. 1st Volunteers   1880s-1900s
46  Surgery Dr. Ballard1900s-1920s
46  Painter J. Hill1910s
46  Boarding House Mary Amelia Stafford1910s
46 Trades & Labour Club Club  1920s-2010s
46 Rayner & Keeler Optician  1930s
46   Frank Jelley1930s
46   (Mrs.) Paradise1950s
46 (Derelict property) derelict property 1950s-1970s
46 Allen's Yard   2010s
47  Attorney Poyntz Owsley Adams1790s
47  Surgeon R. B. Heygate1790s-1850s
47  Surgeon Robert Heygate1820s
47  Surgeons Robert & Thomas Heygate1830s-1850s
47  Surgeons Robert Heygate1850s
47  Surgeons Thomas Heygate1850s-1860s
47   Thomas Heygate1860s
47  Doctor Alexander Tindal1870s
47  Retired surgeon Thomas Heygate1880s-1890s
47  House of Solicitor Edwin Forbes Jeffries1890s-1910s
47 United Trades & Labour Club Club  1920s-2010s
47 White Stuff Clothes shop  2010s
47 Zizzis Restaurant  2010s
48 Shoulder of Mutton Inn Inn Mary Ward1790s
48  Furrier John Burton1840s
48  Haberdasher George Gilbert1850s
48  Grocer James Gibbs1860s-1870s
48  Wines; Spirits Walter Colban1870s-1880s
48  Registrar of births deaths and marriages Thomas William Hall1880s-1900s
48  Registrar; Accountant Harry George Hall1900s-1930s
48 Trustee Savings Bank Bank  1950s-1980s
48 Fat Face Clothes shop  2010s
49  Butcher John Mutton1790S-1800S
49  Saddler William Hill1830s-1840s
49 Elliot & Gill Painters Richard Elliot1840s-1850s
49  Painter William Spell1860s
49  Decorative painter George W. Hobbs1860s-1880s
49  Registrar of births William Hall1880s
49  Brush manufacturer William Sleath Roe1880s-1890s
49  Brush manufacturer A. R. (Miss) Roe1890s-1940s
49 Whitemore Products Leather goods  1950s
49 Antone Ladies clothing  1960s
49 Pyrometric Equipment Co. Temperature measuring instruments works  1960s
49 Duncliff Antiques Antiques  1970s
49 Spencers Estate agent 1980s-2010s
49 Barlows Hefford Johnson & Co Solicitors and Barristors  1980s-2010s
50(2) Rowe Brushes and brooms made and sold 
50   Mr. Carter1790s-1800s
50  Cabinet maker James Over1800s-1810s
50   William Hill1820s
50(1)  Chemist William Shepard1830s-1850s
50(1)  Chemist Thomas Buss1850s
50(1)  Chemist John Symonds1860s
50(1)  Chemist Vincent A. Lacey1860s
50(1)  Chemist John Watson1860s
50(1)  Chemist William Martin1860s-1880s
50(1)  Chemist George Adams1880s
50(1)  Chemist Ann (Mrs.) Martin1880s
50(1)  Chemist; Druggist George Adams1890s-1900s
50(1)  Chemist William Wilkinson1890s-1900s
50(2)  Coal merchant J. S. Millington1910s
50(2) Clayson & Cotton House furnishers  1910s-1920s
50(2) Clayson & Cotton Cabinet makers  1930s
50(2) Gilberts Hardware Frank Gilbert1940s-1980s
50(2) Gilberts Hardware James (?Frank) Gilbert1970s
50(1) Gilberts Hardware  1980s-2010s
50(2) Gilberts Hardware Frank Gilbert1990s-2010s
51  Plumber; Glazier Christopher Carter1790s
51   Thomas Gatty1810s
51  JP; Surgeon Henry Gatty1830s-1880s
51  Widow Elizabeth Gatty1880s
51   (Mrs.) Lawrence1890s
51  House Edward Leo Flint1890s-1900s
51   Robert Ingram Webster1900s
51  House (Miss) Ashton1910s-1920s
51 Douglas Solicitor  1930s
51 Douglas Trasler & Howe Solicitor  1930s-1950s
51 Bray & Bray Solicitor  1980s-2010s
52   Cha Knighton
52 Three Crowns Inn Inn; Painter William Clarke1790s
52  Printer William Harrod1800s
52  Butcher Richard Whiteman1830s
52  Bookseller Charles Abbott1840s
52  Bookseller Elizabeth Abbot1850s
52  Distributor of stamps; Bookseller; Printer; Stationer; Newsagent Richard Lawrence1860s-1880s
52  Printer; Stationer; Berlin wool and fancy repository George Green1880s
52   Michael Lawrence1880s
52  Bookseller; Printer; Stationer; Newsagent George Green1880s-1900s
52 George Green & Co.   1900s-1910s
52  Stationer Charles Robert Knighton1910s
52 Green & Co. Booksellers  1920s-1950s
52 Green & Co. Booksellers; Stationer  1970s-1990s
52 Andrew Granger & Co. Estate agent  2010s
53  Wine dealer; Brandy dealer; Constable; Overseer of highways; Overseer of the poor; Churchwarden;  Holmes Senior Timson1790s
53   Stephen Hurlbutt1800s
53   Thomas Abbott1800s-1810s
53   Mrs. Abbott1810s-1820s
53  Bookseller and printer John Waddington1830s
53  Butcher John Patrick1850s-1860s
53  Butcher John & Edmund Patrick1860s
53  Butcher; Grazier Edmund Patrick1870s-1900s
53  Butcher Phillip Edmund Patrick1900s-1910s
53  Music dealer John Cherry1910s-1950s
53 Genevieve Clothes shop  1980s
53 Joules  Clothes shop  1980s-2010s
53 Joules Clothes shop 2010s
54   Stephen Hurlbutt1800s
54   Thomas Abbott1800s-1810s
54   Mrs. Abbott1810s-1820s
54  Bookseller and printer John Waddington1830s
54  Baker; Confectioner Benjamin Rolleston1850s-1870s
54  Baker Robert Adams1870s-1880s
54  Baker; Confectioner David Patrick1880s-1890s
54  Confectioner Herbert West1890s-1900s
54  Baker William Edward Rice1900s
54  Baker  Haycock1900s
54  Baker; Confectioner T. E. Adlard1910s
54  Baker J. Porter1910s
54  Baker; Confectioner  Wilkinson1910s
54  Baker John Tonkin1920s
54  Confectioner George Cooper1920s
54  Confectioner G. W. Allen1930s
54 Aspidistra? Cafe  1950s-1980s
54 StophC-R Delicatessen  1950s-1980s
54 Joules  Clothes shop  1980s-2010s
54 Joules Clothes shop 2010s
55  Tallow chandler Holmes Junior Timson1790s
55  Liquor merchant David Manley1800s
55  Corn dealer T Pollard1800s
55   Mr. Cooke1810s
55   (Widow) Cooke1820s-1840s
55  Linen draper; Woollen draper Henry Bull1850s
55  Watchmaker William Allen1860s-1880s
55 William Falkner & Son Boots; Shoes  1900s-1980s
55 Joules  Hats; Accessories  1990s-2010s
55 Joules Clothes shop 2010s
56  Hatter; Hosier Dennis Clipsham1790s
56   James Over1820s-1840s
56  Tailor ; Woollen draper John Weston1850s-1860s
56  Tailor; Draper Edward Skinner1860s-1870s
56 W Falkner  Boots; Shoes  1870s-1900s
56  Grocer F. T. Palmer1900s
56 A Rimmington & Son Watchmaker  1910s-1940s
56 A. E. Groocock Jewellery; Watches  1950s-1960s
56 County Jewellers Jewellery  1980s-2010s
57  Butcher; Overseer of the poor; Constable Thomas Green 1790s-1820s
57  Butcher John Patrick1830s
57  Baker William Haddon1830s-1840s
57  Empty  1850s
57  Registrar of births James Kidman1850s-1860s
57  Ladies school (Miss) Smith1870s
57  Moor agent William Kidman1870s
57  House of Coach builder James Gutteridge1880s
57   John Gunn1890s
57 Post Office Telephone Call Office Office  1900s-1910s
57  Hairdresser F. P. Palmer1930s
57   Wm Spicknell1930s
57   G. H. Rowe1950s
57 The Harborough Lounge  Public House  1980s
57 The Kings Head Public House  2010s
58  Blacksmith's shop Lebeus Lewin1790s
58  Blacksmith Mr. Pain1790s-1820s
58  Tailor William Pick1850s
58  Empty  1860s
58 Offices   1870s
58  Empty  1880s
58  Harness maker Fred Smith1890s-1920s
58 Red Cow  Public House  1950s-2010s
59  Clock maker; Watch maker John Birtles1790s-1830s
59   John Singleton1840s
59  Basket maker Henry Singleton1840s-1850s
59  Draper Hannah Barnett1850s
59  Empty  1860s
59  Tobacconist William J. Hill1870s
59  Tobacconist Robert Burgess1870s
59  Empty  1880s
59  Tobacconist George Burgess1880s-1890s
59 Red Cow  Public House  1980s-2010s
60 Red Cow Public House Mrs. Bailey1790s-1810s
60 Red Cow Public House Catherine Bailey1820s
60 Red Cow  Public House Willam Bailey1820s
60 Red Cow Public House William Pick1820s-1830s
60 Red Cow Public House - Payle and Pettifer1830s
60 Red Cow  Public House William Jarvis1830s-1850s
60 Red Cow  Public House Ann (Widow) Jarvis1860s-1870s
60 Red Cow  Public House John Chester1870s
60 Red Cow  Public House Ann Jarvis1870s
60 Red Cow  Public House Jacob Eaton1880s
60 Red Cow  Public House Thomas Swingler1880s
60 Red Cow  Public House A. E. Blott1880s
60 Red Cow  Public House Thomas Underwood1890s
60 Red Cow  Public House John Smith1890s-1900s
60 Red Cow  Public House Alick Smith1910s
60 Red Cow  Public House James Jones1930s
60 Red Cow  Public House Wm Frederick Smith1930s
60 Red Cow  Public House Calvin E. Speke1950s-1960s
60 Red Cow  Public House  1980s-2010s
61  Drapers assistant Henry Tinson1850s
61  Empty  1850s
61  Tailor William Pick1860s
61  Dyer; Book agent John Atherstone1870s
61  Basket maker; Confectioner Robert Payne1870s-1880s
61  Hairdresser; Tobacconist Henry Lakin1890s-1910s
61  Hairdresser William Oscar Lakin1920s-1950s
61  Empty  1980s
61 The Grooming Room Barbers  2000s-2010s
62  Draper James Docker1790s-1810s
62  Linen draper Robert Hinde1820s
62   John Burton1830s
62  Farmer William Burton1830s-1850s
62  Professor of Music James Dixon1860s-1880s
62  Professor of Music James Herrap Wood1880s
62  Music warehouse Herrap Wood1880s-1910s
62 Wood Bros. Music warehouse  1910s
62 T. A. Burn  Tailor Alfred Thomas1920s-1960s
62 Henry's Clothing  1980s
62 CC/Vyella Clothes shop  2010s
63  Grocer Thomas Dawson1790s-1820s
63   William Burton1830s
63  Grocer John Aggas1841-1850s
63  Bonnets; Fancy goods G. (Mrs.) Huckett1850s-1860s
63  Ironmonger George Huckett1860s-1880s
63  Fancy goods G. (Mrs.) Huckett1880s-1890s
63  Tailor William Richards1890s
63 Manchester & Bradford Warehouse Draper A. Johnson1890s-1910s
63 Home & Colonial Stores Ltd. Grocer  1910s-1950s
63 Ratcliffes Grocer; Fruit; Vegetables  1970s-1980s
63 Frutas Greengrocer  2010s
64   Mrs. Fox1790s-1810s
64  Milliner Elizabeth Fox1810s-1830s
64   John Biggs1830s
64   James Over1840s
64  Milliner; Straw bonnet makers Jane Hacket & Eliz Everard1850s
64 Industrial Co-op Grocer Tom Scott1870s
64  Ironmonger George Huckett1880s
64  Printer A. E. Wilkinson1890s-1910s
64  Printer; Stationer Isaac Wilkinson1930s-1940s
64a Leicester Mercury Newsagent  1950s
64  Photographer G. Stretton1950s
64a Berry Bros.& Legge Estate agent  1960s-1970s
64a Fairfield Newsagents Newsagent  1980s
64a Trident Fish Bar Fish & chips  2010s
64 Trident Fish Bar Fish & chips  2010s
64a Leicester Mercury Newspaper office  ?
64a Ultrascope Newsagents Ltd. Newsagent  ?
65  Hairdresser Edward Parker1790s-1800s
65  Hairdresser George Green1830s-1840s
65  Hairdresser; Draper Charles Atkins1850s
65  Hairdresser Charles Hatwood1850s-1860s
65  Basket maker Thomas Pearson1860s-1880s
65  Basket maker Arthur Fairbanks1880s
65  Servants register (Mrs.) Pearson1880s
65  House painter  Berril1880s-1890s
65 Woodring & Sons Confectioner  1890s
65   (Mrs.) Berril1890s
65  Decorator James Goldsbrough1890s-1920s
65 Hylda Ladies clothing C. H. M. Collins1920s
65  Ladies hairdressers G. (Mrs.) Cork1930s
65  Ladies outfitter G. (Mrs.) Cork1940s-1950s
65 Mme Gertrude Ladies outfitter  1950s-1960s
65 Sun Alliance Building Society Building Society  1980s
65 Vision Care Optician  2010s
66   Mrs. Letts1790s
66   Joseph Letts1800s
66   Peter Rodgers1810s-1820s
66   John Fox1830s
66  Clockmaker Thomas Vorley1830s-1840s
66  Watchmaker; Clockmaker; Jeweller William Allen1840s-1850s
66  Hairdresser William Asberry1860s
66  Basket maker Robert Payne1860s
66  Greengrocer Thomas Cappell1870s
66  Greengrocer Ann Cappell1870s-1880s
66  Greengrocer  Downs1880s-1890s
66a London Central Meat Co. Butcher  1890s-1950s
66 J. W. Booth  J. W. Booth1900s
66  Boot maker C. E. Butler1900s-1910s
66  Hairdresser  Masser1920s
66 Midland Newspapers Ltd. Newsagent  1930s
66 Leicester Evening Mail Newsagent  1950s
66  Butcher  1980s
66 Greenwoods Men's clothing  1980s-2010s
67  Breeches maker Thomas Haseldine1790s
67  Empty 1810s
67   Robert Sheppard1820s-1830s
67  Confectioner John Weldon1830s
67  Hairdresser William Curtis1840s
67   Ben Wood1850s
67   John Simco1850s-1880s
67   Annie (Mrs.) Lakin1890s
67   Kate (Miss) West1890s-1900s
67   (Mrs.) West1910s
67   Herbert West1920s-1930s
67 Marriott & Heap   1930s
67   Simon Irving1930s-1950s
67 Litttle Gem   1970s
67 Viva Ladies clothes  1980s
67 Anand Shoes Shoe shop  2010s
68   John Hughes1790s-1830s
68  Hairdresser George Green1840s
68  Bookseller George Shaw1850s
68   Ben Wood1850s
68   Henry Foster1850s-1860s
68   John Simco1850s-1870s
68   Mary Ann & Eliz Freshwater1870s-1890s
68  Refreshment house keeper; Confectioner James William Booth1890s-1910s
68   F. Murkitt1910s
68   Pery Essex1920s
68   Ernest Rupert Masson1930s-1950s
68 Belgrave Cleaners Cleaners  1930s-1960s
68 Halo Jewellery; Gift ware  2010s
69  Hairdresser John Davie1790s
69   John Hughes1800s-1840s
69  Hairdresser William Curtis1840s
69  Hairdresser George Green1840s
69   Ben Shaw1850s
69   George Holt1850s-1880s
69   Elizabeth (Mrs.) Holt1880s-1890s
69   Joseph Shore1900s
69   H. Pickering1910s
69 Mawer & Saunders Hardware  1940s
69 Mawer & Saunders Hardware  1950s-1990s
69 Chinatown Gift ware  1990s
69 Subway Fast food  2010s
70   Ben Pridmore1760s
70   Wm Greaves1770s
70   Thomas Bull1780s-1790s
70   Thomas Waterfield1810s
70  Grocer Edward Lole1810s
70  Grocer Thyphena Lole1810s-1850s
70 London Tea Warehouse  Thomas Abbot1850s
70  Chemist John Wolstenholme1850s-1860s
70 Hatwood Haircutting etc Charles Hatwood1860s-1900s
70 Mawer & Saunders Hardware  1900s-1990s
70 Chinatown Gift ware  1990s
70 Subway Fast food shop 2010s