HWU3A Retail premises project

In September 2020 a team of volunteers from what is now Harborough Welland u3a were part of a national project recording retail premises across the UK with a view to assessing the impact of the Covid pandemic on our high streets.

The local team consisted of Geoff Woods, John Hammond, Alastair and Christine Willis, Rosemary Holden, Linda Lawton and Gill Langrick. They recorded details and took photographs of over 300 premises in all the major shopping streets in the town centre.


In September 2021 the local project team were out again recording changes that had taken place in Market Harborough since the original survey. While there had been a number of shop closures and openings over this time, with the pandemic continuing for longer than originally anticipated, it was too early to gauge its lasting impact on the retail sector. This local initiative has nevertheless provided a fascinating insight into the changing face of Market Harborough town centre during a challenging time for retailers.

Thanks to Peter Mothersole we are now able to display here the results of our efforts so far, in the form of the complete photographic record for September 2020 and the changes which had occurred by September 2021 (UPDATED to include changes in 2022). We hope to continue this survey in future years and update this website accordingly.

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