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History Project News
Market Harborough, Leicestershire - 2018

by the website team

This website is devoted to projects about the history of Market Harborough in Leicestershire.
The High Street Project

by Dave & Lois Gladdish
and Dr Peter Mothersole

High Street
High Street 2012
This continuing project looks at the occupancy of premises on the High Street over the years.
World War One - Men of Mkt Harborough

by Pat Perkins, John Standish
and Dr Peter Mothersole

The Square 1914
The Square 1914
A resource of information about the men from Market Harborough who served in the forces during the First World War.

UPDATED 4/11/2018

A new downloadable book by Patricia Perkins on the men of Market Harborough, Great Bowden and Little Bowden who took part in the First World War.
48 High Street
48 High Street 1965
This project focuses on the history of 48 High Street.
48 M&S
Mawer & Saunders 1955
A personal account of working at the High Street hardware shop Mawer and Saunders from 1940 to 1958.
Architectural features of local buildings

by Dave & Lois Gladdish
and Dr Peter Mothersole

Catherwood House
Catherwood House
This on-going project focuses primarily on the architectural features of some interesting buildings within Market Harborough.
Oral History Project

by Dave Gladdish & Dr Len Holden

Oral history
Oral history
This continuing project is concerned with recording peoples' experiences of growing up or working in Market Harborough.
Historical Stories

by several authors

Sheila Pendered
Drawing by Sheila Pendered
Publish your story (fact or fiction) about Market Harborough.
Resources and Links

by the website team

Town Hall
Town Hall and High Street
Some interesting things about Market Harborough.